Carpeting Your Stairs: Pros and Cons

Choosing flooring for your staircase can be tough. Not only should your staircase be functional, but it also acts as a statement piece in your home. How can you balance function with style, and should you carpet your staircase? Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of carpeting your stairs.

Advantages of Carpeting Your Stairs

Like with anything else, there are both pros and cons to carpeting your staircase. Ultimately, it comes down to your home’s layout and occupants, as well as your daily lifestyle. Advantages of carpeting your staircase include the following items.

  • Noise-Proof Walking

One of the most obvious benefits of carpet in any room is the soundproof qualities. If your home tends to echo with the sound of stomping feet, squealing children, or vocal pets, a little carpet can do wonders. Since stairs tend to be the noisiest part of the house underneath feet, carpeting helps a lot.

  • Added Warmth

Additionally, if you live in a particularly cold climate, carpet provides an extra layer of insulation. While we typically recommend carpet for bedrooms for this reason, the same principle applies to your staircase.

  • Softer on Feet

It might seem trivial, but carpet is just cozy. Soft, warm, and plush under your feet, walking on carpeted stairs is far more pleasurable than walking on hardwood stairs.

  • Inexpensive

Compared to the average cost of hardwood, carpet is much more affordable to purchase and install, especially on stairs. The maintenance is also cheaper because you don’t have to refinish every so often.

  • Provides Cushion for Children or Pets

If you have small children or pets who tend to take tumbles, carpeted stairs provide a softer landing. Although less grippy than hardwood steps, carpeted steps offer a measure of protection against fall-related injuries.

  • Scratch-Proof

Finally, you don’t have to worry about scratches, dents, or dings in your carpet. Pet claws tend to leave small marks on hardwood surfaces, while carpet remains plush and soft no matter what.

Disadvantages of Carpeting Your Stairs

On the other hand, there are certainly a few disadvantages of carpeting your staircase, although they tend to be outweighed by the benefits. The following might be sources of concern for you when it comes to carpet on stairs.

  • Higher Potential for Mold Growth

Carpet tends to retain moisture, so particularly on staircases leading into basements, there is a higher risk of mold growth. However, you can combat this problem by running a dehumidifier, or simply leaving the carpet off your basement steps. Upstairs steps should be fine unless you live in an extremely humid climate.

  • Harder to Install

Installing carpet occasionally takes a little extra time and effort because of the shaping and tacking involved. However, an experienced carpet installer knows how to complete the task quickly and efficiently.

  • Harder to Keep Clean

Likewise, to keep carpeted stairs clean, you will have to cart a vacuum cleaner up and down. Additionally, since staircases are high-traffic areas, you will need to schedule a professional carpet cleaning every few months. Not only does a professional cleaning keep your carpet looking nice, but it also preserves the carpet’s overall lifespan.

Should You Carpet Your Stairs?

Again, the final call really just depends on your desires and needs as a homeowner. Particularly if you have a lot of hardwood in your home, a carpeted staircase makes a lovely statement. Particularly, it helps reduce some of the daily household noise you hear when people walk around. If you don’t mind carrying a vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs, and if no one in your home is at great risk of slipping, carpeted stairs just might be for you.

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