Carpet Maintenance Checklist

A good carpet is an investment, and so is keeping it fresh. To increase the lifespan of your carpet and prevent stains and wear from occurring, make sure you employ proper carpet care. Take a look at our carpet maintenance checklist.

8 Carpet Maintenance Tips

Many people assume that an occasional vacuum is enough to keep their carpets clean and in good condition. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In truth, much of carpet care is preventative. Thinking ahead can save you a lot of money on repairs and replacements. Try applying the following 8 steps for great carpet maintenance.

1. Place mats in front of every door.

It might seem basic, but it helps more than most people realize. Doormats remove excess dirt, moisture, pollutants, etc. that your shoes pick up when you walk. This reduces the amount of dirt being tracked across your carpet.

2. Implement a “no shoes in the house” rule.

Of course, you can also take it a step further by encouraging shoe removal upon entering the house. If you plan on doing this, place a “mudroom bench” near the door where people can easily remove and store their shoes.

3. Change your air filters regularly.

Did you know that your carpet is the perfect place for allergens to burrow? When your HVAC air filters become dirty or clogged, pollutants begin cycling through your home, reducing your indoor air quality. Eventually, the dust, dander, and pollen settle into your carpet and pose health risks. Changing your air filters every month or two prevents too many allergens from accumulating and helps keep your carpet clean.

4. Control the humidity level in your home.

Additionally, it is extremely important to remove excess moisture from the air in your home. Too much moisture usually means damp carpet, and damp carpet means hidden mold growth. Not only does this mold cause allergic reactions and respiratory infections, but it also damages the carpet fibers.

5. Vacuum regularly.

Of course, even though vacuuming isn’t the entire checklist, it does matter. Vacuum once or twice a week to prevent loose dirt from settling deep into the carpet. Vacuuming also helps the carpet pile remain fluffy and upright.

6. Attend to stains quickly and correctly.

If a spill happens when you are on your way out the door, it can be tempting to let it rest for a few hours. However, you should always clean your carpet immediately after spotting occurs. Usually, warm water and a gentle carpet cleaner will do the trick, but white vinegar and baking soda may be necessary for wine or juice.

7. Invest in routine steam cleanings.

One of the best things you can do for your carpet is schedule professional cleanings every few months. High-powered equipment penetrates deep into the carpet, removing dirt, allergens, and spills at the source. This keeps your carpet fresh for years to come.

8. Thoroughly dry your carpet after spills or cleanings.

Finally, make sure you properly ventilate your carpet any time it gets wet. Dampness always causes mold and mildew if left alone.

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