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Most homeowners have experienced the dreaded surprise flood in their basement or bathroom. It’s never pleasant to wake up or come home to exploded pipes and water everywhere. That’s why it’s important to have a water extraction company you can trust in an emergency.

Benefits of Using Spectrum for Water Extraction

Not only are we experts in removing water from carpets, we provide the following benefits.

  • 24-hour emergency treatment, no matter what time of day or night. After normal business hours, we provide an answering service that allows you to notify a live person of a water extraction emergency.
  • Powerful, truck-mounted equipment that extracts water from the padding underneath the carpet, as well as the carpet pile.
  • High-velocity drying equipment such as air mover fans and dehumidifiers.

Why is Water Extraction Important?

Carpet will not dry out on its own. Left unattended, mold and mildew will grow within the carpet and result in secondary damage. In the case of a flood, it is extremely important to hire a professional to clean and dry the carpet while attending to any special needs. After Spectrum professionals arrive at your home and assess the situation, we can provide helpful instructions for long-term care once the drying process is complete.

Additionally, our water removal technician will return to your home a few days after your emergency to inspect drying progress and move equipment as needed. Your carpet must be fully dried before it can be cleaned and deodorized.

Got a Water Emergency?

Whether you’ve just experienced a flood or you know there’s mildew under your carpet from an old emergency, give us a call at any time. We want your home to be as clean and comfortable as possible, and that includes giving your carpet a professional cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many homeowners have questions about cleaning and drying their carpets. Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers.

1. “Should I put plastic over my carpet so I can walk on it while it is drying?”

Putting plastic over your carpet only traps moisture and encourages mold growth. We recommend letting your carpet dry on its own while avoiding walking on it as much as possible.

2. “How can I speed up the drying process on my own?”

Make sure you leave all fans and dehumidifiers on until your carpet has been cleared by a professional. Additionally, turn on air conditioning rather than heat, as heat will increase humidity and prolong the drying process.

3. “Should I move my furniture, or will a technician do that?”

In the case of a regular cleaning job, your cleaning technician would probably move the furniture upon arrival. However, it is best if you move furniture as soon as possible after the flooding. This will help prevent wood furniture from permanently staining your carpet.

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Spectrum’s services include: quality carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet stain removal, 24 hour emergency water extraction and removal, pet urine removal, carpet deodorizing, ceramic tile & grout cleaning, 3M ScotchGard Protection, mattress cleaning, and even new flooring.

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