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Those animals you love, the dogs, cats, kittens and puppies, are little stain producers!

Have a child or grandchild? Chances are they’ve spilled food or drink on your carpet.

Even though you’ve picked up the waste- when you saw it- the memory lingers on. Wet pet urine stains often sink right in without being discovered at all. Juice leaves a sticky stain that collects dirt and dust over time.

Not sure how to get the pet urine smell out of your carpet?

Spectrum is fantastic at pet urine removal and stain cleaning.

  • We carry a variety of product and elements that are specific to removing pet urine stains and other stains from your carpet.
  • Our trained professional technicians are well educated in understanding the difference between alkaline and acid PH balances for your stains and they know what will work best for your home or business.
  • Whether your issue is oil-based, food-based, or other stain-based, we carry a variety of products for any stain situation and can create a custom solution.

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