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Over time, mattresses gather body oils, dead skin, pet dander, and other allergens. Dust mites and the soils they can leave behind may aggravate illness and allergies. Our thorough mattress cleaning and sanitization will leave you with a healthier sleeping environment.

Why Choose Spectrum to Clean Your Mattresses?

Benefits of using Spectrum Carpet Cleaning for your professional mattress cleaning include the following:

  • We use high-powered equipment to remove allergens and stains from your mattress.
  • Fewer allergens improve your indoor air quality as well as your overall health.
  • You can sleep better at night knowing that you are breathing in fresh, clean air.

Is Professional Cleaning Necessary?

Can’t you just vacuum your mattress and achieve the same cleaning effect? Why do you have to invest in a professional mattress cleaning?

Like carpet, allergens become embedded in mattresses over time. Even if you wash your sheets regularly, shower before bed, and vacuum the mattress. Any sort of soft fabric is a dust mite’s dream, and try as you might, your mattress will eventually succumb to the allergens. Professional mattress cleaning penetrates deep into the mattress, removing bacteria left by dead skin, body oils, hair, dust, and more. Additionally, we treat spots and stains.

Is it Time to Clean Your Mattress?

If it’s been a while since your mattress was purchased or cleaned, it’s probably time to invest in a professional cleaning. Call Spectrum today, and we promise that you’ll sleep easier at night!

Still Have Questions?

We clean more than just mattresses. Here are some frequently asked questions about our cleaning services that might answer a few of yours.

1. “What products do you use and recommend?”

Our products are non-toxic and hypo-allergenic. We recommend 3M Scotchgard Protection, which is the world’s best-known carpet and upholstery protection. Not only does it protect your carpet and furnishings from oil-based spills, but it also protects against damaging dry soils.

2. “Can you guarantee full stain removal?”

Please keep in mind that fiber damage cannot be restored in the cleaning process. Additionally, some spots on the carpet, mattress, or upholstery might be permanent due to a color change in the fibers. This means the original color is no longer present.

Occasionally, a spot may be removed during the cleaning process only to come back a few days later. We will be glad to re-treat this area if you call us within one week of the original appointment.

3. “How do I know I am getting the best service possible?”

Our uniformed technicians are all certified and trained by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration. (IICRC). They are professionals and will make every effort to leave your carpet in the best condition possible.

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Spectrum’s services include: quality carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet stain removal, 24 hour emergency water extraction and removal, pet urine removal, carpet deodorizing, ceramic tile & grout cleaning, 3M ScotchGard Protection, mattress cleaning and even new flooring.

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