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Frequently Asked Questions


Our technician will shift your furniture while cleaning as long as it is moveable. We do ask that you please remove all breakable and smaller items such as nick knacks, plants, lamps and smaller furniture items prior to the appointment. If an item cannot be moved we will clean as close as we can.
Upon arrival our technician will walk with you through your house to complete a pre-inspection. How old is your carpet? When was the last time you had your carpets cleaned? Do you have pets or areas of concern? Do you have any spots, heavy traffic patterns, or potential permanent carpet stains? What pieces of furniture would you liked moved or not moved? He will then confirm pricing and show you a written accurate quote which will require approval. Our technician will vacuum the carpet and pre-spot any stains or heavily soiled areas. We use state-of- the art,  truck-mounted hot water extraction equipment. The pressure and heat are regulated so that the carpet is not overly wet.  You can expect a drying time of 4-6hours depending on humidity.
No, all of our power and soft water is in our vehicle; we do not access that from your home. Please be aware that your door will be ajar during the cleaning process because the hoses used are attached to the truck. Keep any animals locked up that might attempt to escape!
All of our products are non-toxic and hypo-allergenic. We recommend 3M Scotchgard Protection which is the world’s best known carpet and upholstery protection. Not only does it protect your carpet and furnishings from water based and oily spills, but against damaging dry soils as well.
Our uniformed technicians are all certified and trained by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration. (IICRC). They are professionals and will make every effort to leave your carpet in the best condition possible.
  Please keep in mind that fiber damage cannot be restored in the cleaning process, and that some spots on the carpet might be permanent due to a color change in the fibers meaning the original color is no longer present. Occasionally, a spot may be removed during the cleaning process only to “wick” back up to the surface a few days later. We will be glad to re-treat this area if you inform us of the situation within 7 days of the original appointment.
The carpet will feel damp after the cleaning and will dry in approximately 4-6 hours depending on humidity and the type of carpet. Please do not turn up your heart to attempt the dry out the carpet as this only creates more humidity and increases drying time. Do not cover the damp carpet with any towels or plastic to walk on. You may turn on air conditioning, open windows, or turn on ceiling fans to speed the drying time. If you need to walk on the carpet while it is drying make sure you wear clean shoes.  Be cautious about stepping onto solid surfaces from the wet carpet to avoid slipping.
Payment is expected the day the job is completed. You may used a personal check, cash, Visa®, Mastercard®, or Discover®.
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