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The innovative corporation of 3M created an amazing product to protect your carpet investment. Most carpets come with both stain and soil protection qualities. But foot traffic and normal use will wear off the protection in 2 to 4 years. It is recommended to reapply the protection after a professional carpet cleaning. The 3M products are water based and safe for almost all carpets. They work similar to the way that wax protects the paint on your vehicle by repelling water, oil, and dirt. Or like Teflon on a cooking pan makes it easier to clean.

The benefits of applying carpet protector are:
• It makes vacuuming more efficient because soil does not stick to the fiber.
• Stain removal is more successful because protectors resist moisture penetration and hinder stains from setting.
• It can prevent some permanent carpet stains.
• The carpet lasts longer while looking better.

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